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Goodbye to the PAC, no more perversion of deputies nor collateral “privileges”

Azucena Cisneros anticipate that “they won’t negotiate” in both topics


Goodbye to the PAC, no more perversion of deputies nor collateral “privileges”

September 11 2018

The president of the Congreso Local (Local Congress), Azucena Cisneros, assured to the “austere” integration and operation of the new LX Legislature, Morena “won’t negotiate” in strategic topics, as the disappearance of the Programa de Apoyo a la Comunidad (Program of Support to the Community) known as PAC, due to the utilization to catch and pervert deputies, also of anticipate that they will go for the control of the 50% of the more of 30 technique commissions and intern committees. In an exclusive interview, the Morena legislator informed that other topics which also won’t be in the discussion, there are several privileges that possess the legislators, as the insurance of major medical expenses, new cars, and other “collateral” benefits that in definitive, will be eradicated.

According to the president of the general committee to the first ordinary period of sessions of the local historical legislature of the Edomex, whereby functions started the past 5 of September, still has not definite totally, the series of “prerogatives” or privileges that they will have to cancel, because the administrative areas of the Local Congress, that continue under the leadership of public officials installed in the past legislature with Priista majority, still doesn’t give the informs respect to the financial states of the Legislative Power, if the type of spends that it had with the deputies.

In relation to the formation and distribution of legislative commissions, the legislator indicated that is a fact the reduction of the number of these technical organs of the deputies because she has already the knowledge that some of them, not even has started with the sessions and therefore it doesn’t have any sense keep it. However, it doesn’t discard its permanence, although MORENA tries to keep the control of the 50% of this internal organs which added 36 and included committees and technical commission of opinion.

She indicated that the next Thursday, it will have a clearer inform, also of the integration and distribution of technical commissions and committees, among the parliamentarian groups, how many it will disappear and that will stand. That is a fact, she said, is it will reduce.


An express question, the president of the general committee, assured that the agenda suggested by Morena in recent days, it will be settling down and installing in the legislature little by little, though, in the topic of starting a policy of austerity, it will be issues which don’t on the table to negotiate, she pointed out blunt.

-“I believe that there is an important principle of Morena as deputies, that it is the dialogue, there are topics which won’t be on dispute, the one that doesn’t assume or don’t endorse topic of austerity, because he will be on evince, I believe that there are topics that would be dialogue and we should agree that it has to talk, that it has to inform, but also I believe that you can’t put on the negotiation all the absolute… I believe that there are topics that it doesn’t negotiate, there are topics that have to assume and that is what we hope in all the bench.” She indicated.

- and in which topics there is not a possibility of negotiation or you won't negotiate?

- The PAC, for example, the elimination of the PAC, that is an example very illustrative, of a program that has answered more a tool of pressure, of perversion of degradation of the legislative work, and more of one program of direct benefit or of the public polity of the benefit of the people. This topic illustrates in these moments that what can’t still happen in the State, that exist these weapons of negotiation and the same time of control. I believe that we should cut the hands to who had tried control a legislative job that should recuperate that dignity and this clear position of autonomous power in topics of the people.

- And in the topic of austerity, what topic won’t be on negotiation?

- Of course ,yes, we are talking about things like the spend of medical insurances, buy of cars, we are in this revision of every collateral supports, that stay in the strictly minimum and necessary to the legislative works, assured the legislator, whom the past 5 of September, during the inauguration of the first period of sessions of the LX legislature, anticipated that never more, the legislative power of Edomex, it will be the “official office of parts” of the executive.

Translator: Pamela Ortiz Ríos

Mary Delgado

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