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August 20, 2018
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September 7, 2018

Delegates earn more than 100 thousand MXN, there are 30 in the State of Mexico

Since December the 1st they could be out


Delegates earn more than 100 thousand MXN, there are 30 in the State of Mexico

The proposition of the virtual president elected Andrés Manuel López Obrador of removing the character of federal delegates in the States and replace it with statewide coordinators has made the people to realize of their existence.

The federal delegates are an extent of federal dependences with bureau all along the country.

According to the Article 17 of the Organic Law of Public and Federal Administration (LOAPF), each secretariat and unit of the State can count with federal delegations to ensure that procedures and functions of their responsibility can be realized, either by State or areas that cover more than an entity.

The problem is that each secretariat and unity have a staff of public servers so diffused that a lot of functions end by being complicated, also with the complexity of the structure, corruption acts are committed with ease.

That is why that their eradication is on the austerity plan driven by López Obrador, due to the federal government has decided spends 181 million 622 thousand pesos monthly in salaries of 4 thousand 604 employees of the delegations distributed all along the country. On average, a federal delegate earns 104 thousand gross pesos per month.

That without counting that many delegates found themselves in a situation of deep opacity because in some secretariats or institutes it does not even exist a directory for delegations in the States in their proper pages of some federal secretariats, turning impossible to know the name of the delegate, not counting his subordinates.

Today, in a press conference outside his transition home, López Obrador defended his posture of substituting the staff of federal delegates for a general coordinator in each State. The point of the virtual new president is that the new coordinator will be the agent of the federal government, which will make easier the necessary operations of units because “they will no longer work with a lot, but with only one federal government delegate in each State”. In the State of Mexico, despite being calculated near of 60 federal delegates, it only was possible to track 30 of them, that is a result of the lack of transparency with which the directories of the units are managed.

These are the delegates whose charge is menaced as soon as December 1st arrives.


By: Héctor Castañeda


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