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August 13, 2018
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August 13, 2018

Bureaucrats condemn Governor Del Mazo’s reform of Issemym

They demand an external audit and have prepared writ of legal protection


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Mexican bureaucrats from the Valley of Mexico and Toluca, which belong to diverse committees and sectional boards from the teacher’s union, accompanied by several civil servants agreed to reject and fight against the reform to the Issemym’s (social security institute of the State of Mexico and municipalities) law that modifies the pension system owing to the lack of a previous consultation on the topic. This is why many of them have already prepared writs of protection against the ordinance.

At the region 3 syndical house’s auditorium of Naucalpan, where 87 syndical delegations from Suteym (Only Syndicate of Workers from the State and Municipalities) met, an agreement to ‘unanimously’ reject the reform initiative of the Issemym’s law that was approved this Thursday by PRI and allies at the Local Congress with 39 votes in favor and 19 votes against.

An external audit on Issemym´s finance was agreed. In addition, they agreed to establish working groups with union men of the SMSEM (Syndicate of teachers to the Service of the State) in order to outline the strategy to revert the ordinance.

In the same vein, they agreed to convoke an extraordinary meeting. Meanwhile, in the Valley of Toluca, other delegations of teachers, members of SUTEYM (syndicate) and medical staff, took actions to start filling a protection, individually or collectively, against the governor Alfredo del Mazo Maza’s reform.

In Toluca, a SMSEM´s delegate- José Luis Cendejas- had also joined the massive rejection of the decree and, along with other leaders, they assured to be ready to make history together (the Spanish meaning of the coalition Juntos Haremos Historia) as an evident allusion to the possibility of looking for a direct rapprochement with Morena or even to the possibility of abandon the ranks of PRI.

Cendejas, which is a political action secretary of the current SMSEM union leadership, said at a press conference that there is a lawsuit filed for transparency in the SMSEM’s finances and also assured that they were never consulted to reform Issemym’s law, which is why they will follow up to the activities mended to fight and revert it.

On their behalf, Everaldo López- Pensioners Association and pensioners president- and ‘Eterna Primavera´ pensioners anticipated the filing of collective and individual protection in order to have a safeguard of its application. Besides, they also demand for the SMSEM´s finances not to be audited, because of the existence of mismanagement of the ‘technical reserve’

This last aggrupation has over 20 thousand partners all over the country.

The reform that was approved this Wednesday by PRI at the Local Legislature and, despite the State of Mexico´s works, the administration system of solidarity found pensions (in which everybody provides) changes to an individualized counts system with the AFORES to be administrated.

Additionally, there was an increase from 62 to 65 years as the minimum age to retire and 75 as the limit.

Translator: Fabián Peñaloza


By: Tere Montaño


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