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July 16, 2018
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They localized six bodies in a car

In Neza, three of them were in the trunk


They localized six bodies in a car

10 de julio de 2018

The Fiscalía General de Justicia del Estado de México (FGJEM)- the General Prosecutor Office of Justice of the State of Mexico- informed that this morning it was localized six bodies inside of a compact vehicle, which was parking in the colony Bosques de Aragón in the municipality of Nezahualcoyotl.

The municipal Police informed this fact so that the personnel of the FGJEM was unfolded in the zone to start with the corresponding diligences. It should be pointed out that the six bodies are male; three of them was placed in the trunk and the last three in the seats.

It’s necessary to refer it is checking the security cameras in the vicinity because allegedly the car traveled from the Mexico City to the discovery place.

The vehicle in which were found the six bodies without life is luxurious, dark gray color, whereby the authorities will try to localize the route and the possible perpetrators that participated in the multiple murder.

It wasn't reported messages like in other similar facts. The bodies still have not been identified by the Fiscalía General de Justicia del Estado de México (FGJEM) because starting the inquests. The discovery of the car was registered around 9:40 in the morning, by neighbors of the colony Bosques de Aragon, who reported by telephone the presence of one unit that has blood in the trunk.

Immediately, three officials were presented in the place and when they get close to the vehicle, they found three bodies in the front part of the car, a Nissan Versa model, of dark gray color, and with flow plates FO4AKH.

In one of the doors of the unit, it was appreciated an allusive message to an organization of the sellers of Tepito of the Mexico City, but still doesn’t exist enough proves that allows establishing a direct connection with the multiple murder.

To the place, it was presented also elements of the police of Neza and Ecatepec, as municipals.

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Translator: Pamela Ortiz Ríos

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