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July 13, 2018
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Security, emerging Street patching and growth: Juan Rodolfo’s priorities

It will open vacancies in the city hall, the citizenship can participate in the election: it won’t have political criteriums


Security, emerging Street patching and growth: Juan Rodolfo’s priorities

Juan Rodolfo Sánchez Gómez will assure that he will put priority to three fundamental topics to the capital: atention to the Insecurity, economic development and life quality. Also, to anticípate that the Priista-panista style has over, like the “one hundred days programs” and announced a kind of aperture of the labor exchange , to designate to its future coworkers “without political criteriums”.

In his first interview as elect mayor, and after received his respective constancy of majority by part of the members of the municipal board number 107 of the Institute Electoral del Estado de Mexico (IEEM) -Electoral Institute of the State of Mexico- Sanchez Gomez anticipated that his government plan 2019-2021 will be aligned with the next federal administration that it will lead by Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Meanwhile, in the topic of “Feminicides”, He will personally involve in the problematic and in the searching of strategies until reach the goal that he offered in his campaign of “zero feminicides”.

“Our program fits in a proper way with the project that López Obrador push to the Republic presidency, in all the rubrics, without exception.” He indicated.

The expanista that until his second try to return to the city hall, he achieved it, after losing the elections of 2015 and have been constitutional president of Toluca, between 2006 and 2009. Finally, he reached his dream and he would be looking for a consecutive election.

- there will be a 100 days program? - he was questioned about.

- No, we are going to break with that scheme. We’re going to generate a new way to give it accountability to the society. It won’t be a 100 days program, there will be a new way of different work and we will raise it since the first day of work in two headings that we considerate critical: the security and the street patching in an overwhelming way, starting the first of January.

Sánchez Gómez assured that in some topics in particular, like the reorganization and the attention of the street vending, it will have “to start from zero”. Because there are a lot of necessities, like for example, he said, “The Toluca of the potholes, Toluca of the insecurity and Toluca of the poverty”. These three issues, he insisted, are tagging the life in the mexiquense capital.

Later, Juan Rodolfo assured that the mandate is overwhelming. “The things must to change” because it wasn’t the AMLO tsunami, it was a “citizen tsunami,” he said, asking security, economic development and quality of life.

He announced the overture of workspaces: it's over the recommended people.

In one hand, and in unusual announce, the elect councilor announced that to integrate his teamwork, he will open a large call to choose the best profiles, even he denied to anticipate whom will be in his teamwork.

When he was being questioned, he said that in the next days he will implement a method that will be to know. In which the citizens will take part in the election of the profiles and in which, he pointed out, “It won’t be political criteriums".

“We going to designate to the best women and men with disposition, to stay in the front of the topics that are important to the municipality.”

In this sense, he pointed out that it will open channels of citizen participation, to the citizen interested in assuming some government area, can participate. “we won’t marginalize anyone” he said.

Finally, in the topic of attention to feminicides, the elect municipal president of Toluca assured that he will personally attend this theme to implement strategies that allow reaching the drawn goal in this line so severe, until achieving the objective: zero feminicides.

Translator: Pamela Ortíz Ríos


By: Tere Montaño


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