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June 28, 2018
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July 1, 2018

Monumental elections started off in State of Mexico

Today’s journey had a wave of violence in the eve


Monumental elections started off in State of Mexico

1 de julio de 2018

The Electoral Institute of State of Mexico´s general counsel (IEEM) settled on a permanent session to start off today’s elections at 8:08 fighting over 18 thousand 155 positions all over the country, from which 1.682 (125 municipalities & 75 seats in parliament) correspond to majors and deputies from the State of Mexico.

Counselor Miguel Angel García Hernandez, emphasized the fact that this election at the State of Mexico will concentrate the biggest electoral roll in the country with 11.8 million potential voters -13% of national voter- and added that the PREP application will be introduced in order to help with preliminary counting; there will also count with the participation of around 52% of female staff in and this will be the first time that 41 candidates –mostly licensed majors- will run for reelection.

19.298 polling stations, operated by 115.788 staff – a president, 2 secretaries & 3 tellers per each- will be installed all around the country. Also, 21 independent candidates are running for a majority on several municipalities. Thus the general council’s session continues with the establishment of postures from each party.

The murder of 4 PRD militants was reported in the municipality of Donato Guerra to have been perpetrated by groups related to PRI party in the polling’s eve, as well as several other electoral violence cases in Izcalli, Zinacantepec, and Toluca. Meanwhile, 133 people had been murdered through the organization of the electoral event. We are currently dealing with the most violent electoral process in the history of Mexico’ agreed representatives from Morena, PRD, Nueva Alianza, and PAN.

Mary Delgado

Translator: Fabián Peñaloza

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