AMLO wins elections: Pollsters
July 1, 2018
Massive resigns of poll worker to hours of the election in the State of Mexico are being reported
July 3, 2018

In the locals… the Morena advance is expected

César Camacho and Alejandra del Moral, tear apart according to surveys


In the locals… the Morena advance is expected

July 1st, 2018

Around 22:00 hrs and without official trends, only exit polls, it was expected a reply in the State of Mexico, of the relentless Andrés Manuel López Obrador that shook the country, with an imminent advance of the coalition that took him to his victory, “Juntos haremos historia” -Together we’ll make history- in at least a twenty of the most important municipalities in the metropolitan zone of the Valley of Mexico, south and in the local elections to deputies.

Also, in the surveys of the federal elections, the candidates of the PRI to the Senate of the Republic for the State of Mexico, the ex-governor Cesar Camacho Quiroz and the Ex-representative of the state PRI, Alejandra del Moral, had lost the election against Delfina Gomez e Higinio Martinez, in which is considered the most disarray of the mexiquense PRI since 2000, with the FOX effect.

According to reports of itself parties and coalitions, it was expected consistent triumphs, also in the valley of Toluca and south of the entity, where the people gathered in the urns through all day, with participation very close to the 70 percent.

As it has been expected by the experts and political leaders, the presidential election, took the mexiquense elections, where it were disputed 125 municipalities and 75 seats of the Local Congress, with results that until this night, it was outlined closed in some localities and districts of the valley of Mexico and in the Toluca region.

In the case of the mexiquense capital, it had has reports of a close contest between Fernando Zamora of the PRI , who is looking the reelection, and the ex- panista and today morenista, Juan Rodolfo Sanchez Gomez, who also competed in the locals of the 2015 and he was mayor between 2006 and 2009.

Mary Delgado Translator: Pamela Ortiz

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