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Salaries of the SMSEM are categorized as “classified” by leaders

Despite receiving resources of the government of the State of Mexico, they declare their income as “private”


Salaries of the SMSEM are categorized as "classified" by leaders

The Teachers' Union to the Service of the State of Mexico (SMSEM) , to which 85 thousand teachers of the entity are registered, rejected to deliver the information related to the salary and general perceptions of their leaders, including the secretary-general and members of the current board of directors, classifying the information as "classified", since it assures that its origin is private

The bureaucrat' unions (in general) and the political parties were integrated since 2016 to the catalogue of " obliged subjects " to deliver information, since they operate and catch resources of public origin, in agreement to the article 23, fraction the IXth, of the Law of Transparency and access to the Public Information of the State of Mexico and Municipalities.

In view of the foregoing, a request was submitted and registered with the file number 00037/SMSEM/2018, by the automated system of the Institute of Transparency and access to the Public Information and Protection of Personal Information of the State of Mexico (INFOEM), to know the salary of its leaders.

Specifically, it was requested: "The salary of the secretary-general and each of the members of the board of directors, as well as the number of registered teachers who were on leave in 2017 to add to electoral activities of their respective political party, make clear if it was paid or not, or alternatively, how many were paid and how many were not".

In response, the Committee of Transparency of the union informed that, after studying the case, it was decided that " the salaries and services or similar of the secretary-general and the Members of the Executive State Committee of the SMSEM are paid " with private resources ", that is why it is not possible to provide any response by the fact of being a private resource, exclusive of the Teachers' Union that is a part of its union heritage, which serves for the maintenance of social services, payment of the personnel and general expenses of the administration ".


Nevertheless, in May 2017, they signed an " Agreement of Salaries and Services SMSEM 2017 " with the State Government, in which are declared the increases are established to the salary of the teachers, as well as dozens of other services, such as payments of life insurances, supports for the purchase and maintenance of vehicles and to construct or support summerhouses, audiences and academic units.

Besides denying the information, the union did not answer the second part of the requested information.

Translator: Alan Eduardo Flores Díaz


By: Ma. Teresa Montaño Delgado


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