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June 28, 2018
Monumental elections started off in State of Mexico
July 1, 2018

José Antonio Meade had an insipid concluding campaign event in Toluca

Nothing but cold and distant was the Meade Kuribeña’s concluding campaign event


José Antonio Meade had an insipid concluding campaign event in Toluca

The PRI’s candidate José Antonio Meade headed an insipid last recount of his political agenda in terms of education, public health, job & security at the Toluca’s civic square in front of thousands of attendants brought by Meade’s political party itself. Nonetheless, he couldn´t get any further response from the crowd at his speech.

He was hosted by the state of Mexico’s political class led by Alfredo Del Mazo (state governor) and several other former governors and current CEOs from federal organizations such as PEMEX, CONAGUA & ISSSTE; as well as by senatorial congress and major candidates. The closing speech was given facing up Toluca’s civic square, crowded with around 22 thousand indifferent PRI supporters from all around the state and from Mexico city too since early in the morning until the afternoon. Although it was expected to be a spectacular closure event due to the conditioning of the square- with giant screens and colorful structures-, it was nothing but disappointing. Much similar to the last year Alfredo del Mazo´s closing event.

Despite the monumentality of the stage, Meade Kuribeña, didn’t get to awaken people’s energy. Glum faces, arms down, nuisance, boredom and nothing else prevailed among thousands at the rally, where he asked for people to knock on their neighbors, relatives and friends’ door and invite them to vote for him. Under the slogan ‘we are going to win!’ Meade augured triumph assuring he’ll get it with the company of Rene Juarez, which is the PRI national leader, on July 1st to the rhythm of batucada.

‘Nowadays we live in a country concerned about its security and we must not get used to live in fear. We’re seriously cracking down on crime prevention and dissuasion. We´re aiming to get a Mexico where citizenship know that an effective investigation will be carried out if he reports a crime, and criminals know the price they ought to pay for breaking the law’ yelled José Antonio Meade as if he were stranded on a desert square.

By Mary Delgado

Translator: Fabian Peñaloza

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