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Toluca will modern its most emblematic avenue: Paseo Colón

It will have renovation works this year that will allow it to be more functionality


Toluca will modern its most emblematic avenue: Paseo Colón

With its up to 40 meters height-ancestral cedar trees and its nooks with benches, cafes and big residences that top off the postcard with the volcano called Nevado de Toluca in the background, the Paseo Colón, one of the most emblematic avenues in the capital of the state, it will have renovation works this year that will allow it to be more functionality as it is going to have underground cabling, tiles replacement, furniture renovation and bollards will be placed as well.

This is the third phase of renovation works made by the local government, headed by the Mayor Fernando Zamora, through the following of the project that started in 2015 to preserve and improve this beautiful avenue, of which not many people know its fascinating past, that goes back to the last century.

The Paseo Colón was born with the idea to make it a simile of the beautiful Mexico City’s Paseo de la Reforma, aim that was reached but with a slight air of province that has been preserved till nowadays.

The works for Paseo Colon’s improvement are part of a project announced by Zamora, which includes 21 works scheduled to be done the current year with an investment of 40 million pesos out of the so called Programa de Acciones para el Desarrollo (Program of Actions for Development).


According to the Historian Jesús Fernando Apreza, Paseo Colón was inaugurated the 12th of October of 1906, under the festivities due to the First Centenary of Mexico’s Independence and it is a work inspired a hundred percent in another emblematic avenue of Mexico City: the Paseo de la Reforma.

The specialist assured that after its inauguration almost 118 years ago, Paseo Colón became immediately and since then, in one of the most crowded places walked by the locals as well as a symbol that has given identity to the modern Toluca.

Though the origin and appellation of the avenue remain in the shadows of the history, the original project came out in the last decade of the XIX century, when Porfirio Díaz was the President of Mexico and Vicente Villada was the State of Mexico’s governor, the Historian pointed out.

The original project of the avenue was only including the restyling of the street San Juan de Dios (Paseo Colón’s original name) with the objective of simulate the appearance of Paseo de la Reforma, therefore exuberant flora and the installation of a great monument to commemorate Cristobal Colón, according to the specialist.

Later, fountains, roundabouts and monuments were added, as well as sidewalks and balconies around the avenue. As the years and decades went by, the Paseo Colón lost lots of its original properties but it still preserves some of the oldest balconies and buildings, reason of why it is one of the most representative and emblematic spots of the city, since it combines perfectly modern cities’ avant-garde designs with French and province architecture.

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