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How much did the crime rate and public debt decrease in Huixquilucan?

He numbered among the achievements of his administration “the decreasing of insecurity in a 50.2%” and the reduction of the public debt in a “20%”

How much did the crime rate and public debt decrease in Huixquilucan?



The info:

Within his second Government report, the mayor of Huixquilucan, Enrique Vargas numbered among the achievements of his administration “the decreasing of insecurity in a 50.2%” and the reduction of the public debt in a “20%”.


Previously in this same site, an analysis of a similar speech of the mayor of Huixquilucan was made.

In such analysis, on November 9th of 2017, Vargas had affirmed that “we have achieved to reduce the crime incidence in the whole municipality in more than 40%”, statement that after being compared with numbers of the SESNSP turned out to be false.

Considering that the numbers of the mentioned institution (SESNSP) are constantly updated and such numbers might vary, a brief and new revision will be made in the first place.

Due to the last update of the database where October has been added, the period is limited from January to October 2016 and the same for 2017.

From January to October of 2016, the number of reported felonies in Huixquilucan was 2,958. The most unsafe month of that period was March, which had 391 incidences and the month with the least reported cases was July, with 198.

When it comes about 2017, from January to October there were 2,921 felonies, being October the most unsafe month with 430 cases and on the other side, February and April were the months that had least cases, each one with 220.

This means that there was a barely decreasing of 1.3% of felonies in Huixquilucan. It is worth to highlight that the last Fact Checking had registered a decreasing of 9% in the January-October period of 2016 and 2017 as well. This percentage dropped so drastically due to the alarming increase of crime only in October, in which, as it has been mentioned already, there were 430 cases.

This 1.3%, evidently, is pretty far away from the 50% that the mayor was stating in his government report.

About the public debt, the local government’s site shows a breakdown of the public debt’s balances although without specifying to which year it corresponds.

In another link of the same site, there was found that the public debt reaches the 427’128,331.84 pesos and it is a debt to BANOBRAS. This balance corresponds to June 30th of 2016.

On the other hand, the IMCO, on its Municipality’s Register of Budgetary Information, displays that the public debt of Huixquilucan decreased.

However, as the graphic shows, there is no specific data of how much the debt decreased. Since the data are constantly updated, it hasn’t been possible to find the balance of the public debt of 2015, being the Osfem the only institution that showed the balance of the debt for that year.

Within its record, the balance of the public debt till December 31st of 2015 was of 4,278’858,000 pesos. Considering that the balance for 2016 was 427’128,331.84 pesos, there is a decreasing of a bit more than 20%.


In the first topic of this analysis it has been proved that the crime decrease of 50% that Vargas affirms, to the 1.3%, there is an abysmal difference.

About the second topic, and if the numbers of both sites are objective, the public debt decreased in 20% indeed.


The first asseveration in this Fact Checking is FALSE. Crime rates didn’t decrease in 50% in Huixquilucan, not even a tenth part of such percentage. The second topic is TRUE, the public debt decreased in 20%.

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By: Hector Castañeda


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