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June 20, 2017
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Finance Secretariat grades as “Classified” the paychecks of the state governor, who is paid with public funds.


Eruviel Ávila’s paychecks are encrypted via “Transparency”


Finance Secretariat grades as “Classified” the paychecks of the state governor, who is paid with public funds.

The Finance Secretariat’s Transparency and Access to the Public Information Committee of the State of Mexico’s government rejected to deliver copies of the governor’s paychecks, Eruviel Ávila, stating that it doesn’t have such documents, aka receipt voucher.
The access to such documents would allow to know exactly what the incomes of the governor are and if he gets additional ones or extraordinary bonus, not the same for the rest of the state public servers.

Responding to the information request 00253/SF/IP/2017 delivered to the Finance Secretariat to askfor a “copy of the last paychecks given to the executive for the concept of salary” as well as an income disclosure statement and a report of his incomes during 2016, the secretariat answered that “there aren’t any copies of the paychecks because the interested gets them in a personal way.”

Instead, the institution delivered an income disclosure statement elaborated on purpose to the made request, which indicates that the governor has a “gross income” of 174,409.65 pesos and a net income of 117,528.44 pesos, with discounts for income taxes and ISSEMYM (social security insurance).
The info given by the secretariat also points out that the governor has a base salary for 95,675.55 pesos and he receives an additional reward per month of 78,734.10 pesos. However, the information doesn’t include the quarterly bonus that the high rank officials of the state administration get, which is the reason why such paychecks were requested.

Additionally to the refusal of giving copies of the paychecks behind the argument of not having them, the Finance Secretariat made a document with a supposed income disclosure statement (which was called “format” by the institution) of Eruviel Ávila as well as his annual incomes of 2016, however, that information was previously submitted to the Finance Secretariat’s Committee of Transparency to evaluate them and to exclude personal information of the governor by ranking them as “classified”

This data is precisely considered as personal data to any other person such as the Federal Taxpayer Registration, ISSEMyM’s Social Security Number and the so called CURP (Unique Population Registry Code), but there is an added concept named “deductions non-established by law” and it isn’t clarified what is that about, so at the end this last concept is classified as “personal data”.

A document was delivered also with a supposed income disclosure statement of the governor within during 2016, dated on April 18th of the current year, however, since it is not copy of the original format, it is impossible to know if such incomes are the real ones, since it was made according to the request, as it is pointed in the answer itself.
Such document indicates that during 2016, the governor would have gotten incomes for 1’605,893 pesos.


By: Tere Montaño


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