May 18, 2017
“The State of Mexico is the second biggest economy in the country”: Alfredo Del Mazo
May 22, 2017

“Alfredo Del Mazo let the cartels get into huixquilucan”: Josefina Vázquez

Josefina Vázquez Mota rebuked the PRI, and in addition, Alfredo del Mazo Maza to be responsible for corruption and to charge businessmen the right to flat.


“Alfredo Del Mazo let the cartels get Into Huixquilucan”: Josefina Vázquez

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During the second debate among the candidates to become the governor of the State of Mexico, Josefina Vázquez (PAN’s candidate) accused the PRI party, and in addition, Alfredo Del Mazo of being responsible of corruption and charging the entrepreneurs for a chance to work.

To prove the above, the candidate showed an amplified image of several articles’ headers taken from El Universal, Reforma, and La Prensa. Such headers read as follow: “Huixquilican, territorio comprado por “El Indio” (Huixquilucan, land bought by “El Indio”); “Gusta Huixqui a narco” (Cartel like Huixquilucan); “Policías municipales protegen al JJ” (municipal police protect the JJ). Through this, Vázquez’ argument is that Alfredo Del Mazo let the organized crime get into the municipality that he governed

The first article was actually published by El Universal. It is dated on April 23rd of 2010 and it was written by Francisco Gómez. The article approaches the capture of Gerardo Álvarez aka “El Indiko” or “El Chayán” the 21 of April of that same year. According to the report, “he had in his hand the wills of soldiers and cops involved in the protection net used to live in Huixquilucan” since the capo, who used to be the main ally of Edgar Valdez aka “La Barbie”, used the municipality as a base disputed against the Beltran Leyva’s cartel and to extend the control of drug distribution.

However, Alfredo Del Mazo didn’t arrive to the municipal government of Huixquilucan till January 2010, his administration ended in December 6th of 2012, so in strictu sensu and in this case, Alfredo Del Mazo didn’t let “El Indio” to settle down in the municipality.

Now, “El Indio” was living in Huixquilucan at least since 2008. From 2008 to 2010, the mayor of Huixquilucan was Félix Fuentes, adherent to the PVEM (an allied party of PRI), but he won the mayoralty for the PRI party. With that, there are elements to suspect why the PRI’s administration from 2008 to 2010 couldn’t find a prominent member of the organized crime in a town with 224,042 inhabitants.

Regarding the report of Reforma entitled “Gusta Huixqui a narco”, it just could be found an online repository with an extract of the article. Such extract, in which the Reforma’s news is dated on January 29th of 2010, starts as it follows: “Since at least 5 years ago, federal authorities hold information which specifies that the group of drug dealers leaded by Arturo Beltrán aka “El Barbas”, were using Huixquilucan to live and money laundering.”

The article also states that in 2009 the SIEDO detected a house in the neighborhood called Lomas Anáhuac, where the family of Héctor Beltrán (Arturo Beltrán’s brother) used to live.
La Prensa’s article called “Policías municipales protegen al JJ” couldn’t be found, so it makes the source impossible to verify. However, El Universal has published more information concerned concerning to the arrests of criminal organizations’ members in Huixquilucan.

In a news called “Narcos inhabit exclusive zones of Huixquilucan”, dated on November 6th of 2012 (a month before the ending of Alfredo Del Mazo’s administration), the newspaper reported that a military operation was carried out where Jesús Alfredo “N” aka “El Muñeco” or “El Pelos” was arrested, allegedly lieutenant of the capo Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán in the municipality.

Plus, the same journal published a list of the most relevant events of the recent years –to the news’ date, 2012- concerning to the organized crime, such as:
1. According to Sedena and PGR (Secretary of National Defense; and General Attorney of the Republic), “it was a discreet operation” so much than not even municipal and state authorities realized about it.

2.In social networks, inhabitants of the residential area pointed out the presence of soldiers in the mall Paseo Interlomas during the Day of the Dead’s long weekend. So it is assumed that El Muñeco’s detention was made in this exclusive place known in the area as “El Ovni”.

3. In such zone, the prices of mansions and luxury apartments are valued in dollars or millions of pesos. Because of this reason, entrepeneurs, executives, politicians and high-level officials, have had to live with new residents linked to narco, since they live next to them, attend to the same clubs and malls.

4. Mansions in Tecamachalco, between Naucalpan and Huixquilucan, have been used as narco-labs as well, dismantled by the PGR, so local leaders, worried due to the arrival of narcos to this exclusive area, have promoted the creation of a list of real state selling and renting.

5. In 2010, in Huixquilucan, Sedena also arrested 15 alleged members of the Beltrán Leyva’s cartel, leaded by “El Indio” and “El Gato” -who were using an exclusive mansion on Bosque de Antequera street- in an operation that also resulted into the death of 2 alleged drugdealers.

6. “La Barbie” and the “JJ” were arrested in surrounding areas of Huixquilucan and they were allegedly living in this municipality too.

7. In the canyons of El Olivo used to live and were kidnapped the 24 builders who were killed in La Marquesa in September of 2008, this allegedly, after they built a narco-tunnel.

8. By 2011, Huixquilucan was the stage of 25 killings, among them, the killing of a man who was hung from a road bridge located in front of Paseo Interlomas. On May 31st in Palma Criolla and Palma de Dátil in the exclusive Magnocentro, the head of a taxi driver was found on the windshield of his car, inside of it, there was the victim’s dismembered body.

9. The Sunday, 3 of July, day of elections, 2 killed men appeared in a residential fractionation of Tecamachalco.

10. On July 2nd of 2012, 12 bodies were found in clandestine graves in San Juan Yautepec, in the traditional area of Huixquilucan, municipality that became, from the safest one in the State of Mexico, to one of those with the highest criminal activity.

The Proceso magazine also published a reportage in 2012 about the arresting of Marcos Fernández aka “El Comandante” -who was leader of the criminal organization called “La Mano con Ojos” (the hand with eyes”- and who worked as department Chief in Huixquilucan’s Police Department from 1994 to 2009.

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CONCLUSIONS: Huixquilucan is not the only municipality where criminal organizations’ activities have been registered. By 2015, in the state, there were 5 cartels, being La Familia (The Family) the one that was controlling the territory the most. Because of this, it would be a mistake to state that Alfredo Del Mazo has been the only responsible for letting organized crime to come into the State of Mexico.

However, it is a fact that the PRI has been quite indulgent (in the absence of a more precise and risker adjective) with crime in the entity, so there are many elements to establish that the party that has hold the government of the state for almost 90 years, has allowed such phenomenon.

GRADING: Based on the exposed above, and despite there are sources presented by Vázquez Mota that couldn’t be found, there are many other ones that proved her asseveration, therefore, she receives the grade of ALMOST TRUE.


By: Héctor Castañeda


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