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May 8, 2017
“I’m leading the surveys”: Alfredo Del Mazo
May 10, 2017

The administration of Del Mazo in Huixquilucan, from mediocre to worse with “Critical”

During the government of Alfredo del Mazo Maza in Huixquilucan, the dependency of the municipality grew to the federal resources, the collection collapsed, the salaries increased, the public work decreased.


The administration of Del Mazo in Huixquilucan, from mediocre to worse with “Critical”

During the administration of Alfredo Del Mazo in Huixquilucan, the municipality’s dependence on the federal funds, the collection collapsed, the expense on salaries increased, the public work got diminished, the workers’ income tax wasn’t paid in 2010, it failed the town’s transparency test and the short-term indebtedness was judged as “critical”.

Between 2009 and 2011, the administration of the current candidate to governor was distinguished by a slight indebtedness at the middle of the triennium and then got reduced in the last year, however, it is impossible to know how those funds were spent, since the town hall of Huixquilucan removed from its Portal de Transparencia (IPOMEX-site of transparence) the contracts adjudged by Alfredo Del Mazo during that period.

Nevertheless and accordingly to the results of the audit to the Public Account of the State of Mexico’s government and the municipalities in 2010, 2011 and 2012, it was possible to know that in the first year of Del Mazo’s administration, the financial autonomy of Huixquilucan got reduced from 50.50% to 44.81%, due to the fact that the debt got increased between 2009 and 2010 (his first year) from 1,062´572,000 pesos to 1,136´615,200 pesos.

In the first year, Del Mazo got into a long-term debt with 323 million pesos to face the liabilities that he was dragging behind. The financial autonomy in the period 2009-2010 went from 50.50% to 44.81%, meanwhile, by the end of his administration in 2012, 61% of the ordinary incomes were compromised since they were equal to the amount of his debt.

The collecting effectiveness of his government went backwards since going from 86.81% in 2009 to 76.81% in 2010, meanwhile, during the same period, the protection coverage to irrigation areas in the municipality turned from 100% to 18.92%; insofar as the expense on personal services (paysheet), got increased to more than 20 million pesos during the first year of the administration. For 2011 it was reported that the 44.5% of the budget was destined for personal services, and on the other hand, for public investment only 7.8% according to the OSFEM.

The OSFEM also reported that, while the government of Alfredo Del Mazo destined 38.4% of the funds for the payment of personal services; for public work he only invested 6.39% and 33.88% to pay the debt.
The worst grades he got were in collecting effectiveness matter by the end of his administration in 2012 since he stopped charging for water; he failed on the “municipal transparency” matter, and the impact of the short-term debt turned from 18.41% to 37.48% over the incomes.

During his first year, the OSFEM pointed out observations for 78´215,000 pesos, out of which he solved 24´322,000 pesos by the time when the Public Account was published.

Throughout his whole management, more resources were destining to personal services than to public investment, and although in the last year the debt decreased slightly to 192 million pesos, the bad grades continued with a collecting rate of 0% for the property tax, nevertheless that in 2011 such rate was set in 12.41%
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By: Teresa Montaño


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