I was born and raised in Nezahualcóyotl; I was illegal and i lost my freedom: Zepeda
April 10, 2017
The “Juntos Podemos” Issue is more than clarified
April 11, 2017




Setting the stage for the election on June 4 next to renew the Governor begins to take shape; more than 11.2 million ballots for equal number of citizens who could potentially go to the polls, will be printed the name of Alfredo del Mazo Maza of the PRI, maximum heir to the powerful "royalty" of Atlacomulco, which controls the State for more than 80 years; as well as the one of Delfina Gómez, teacher of humble origin, but high-profile competitive and certainly the Josefina Vázquez Mota, the Pan candidate, wrapped in a cyclone of suspicions.

They could also be printed the names and photos of Juan Zepeda or Javier Salinas, of the PRD, engaged at the moment in his own pre-election battle; and several independent, of a total of ten candidates, of whom at least two or three have high potential to obtain the final record and pass to the next stage, and even the of Oscar Gonzalez Yanez, the PT candidate for Governor, who threatens to burst the coalition PRD-PT left. Profiles and backgrounds of those who seek to govern the richest and most populated in the country, entity are diverse and arrived by different methods of selection, but only one went 'fast-track' by the direct route from the handpick. They are applicants:


The anointing of Alfredo del Mazo Maza as a "unity candidate" last Friday represents the return of a "dynasty" around which move the threads of economic and political power of the country's richest State. The Grupo Atlacomulco.

I.e. that with the harness also gain other: first perhaps and before anyone Arturo Montiel Rojas, Enrique Peña Nieto, the Emilio Chuayffet Chemor away; his father Alfredo del Mazo González; Ignacio Pichardo Pagaza and César Camacho Quiroz, leading representatives of that group that combines perfectly the politics and public affairs. The advantage that gives their DNA, was the factor that allowed that it shoulders upon him the direct appointment, via handpick, his second cousin, the President of the Republic; without tell that his father Alfredo of the Mazo González, was holder of the Executive state between 1981- 1986, and his grandfather, Alfredo of the Maza Velez, between 1945 to 1951. Its designation, they say, was practically a design.

Among the most important positions are the have been municipal President of Huixquilucan in the 2009-2012 triennium; general director of Banobras, a portfolio he held on behalf of its familiar Enrique Peña; Member licensed in the current Federal legislature, where he was coordinator of the PRI fraction and de-facto became the main operator to remove papers from the latest economic package 2017.

Indeed his "successful" efforts include having headed the team for planning and promoting the adjustments to the costs of fuels, which devendrían in the so-called "gasolinazo" earlier this year.

He was also Manager of financing and market analysis of Petroleos Mexicanos and Secretary of tourism during the Government of Peña Nieto in the Mexican entity. He is 42 years old, is married, has two children and one that is about to be born, that he could become Governor number 75 of the State of Mexico and number 25 governments PRI State, which have governed the State since 1925, when the Governor Carlos Riva Palacio arrived to power, under a tri-color, which became known as the National Revolutionary Party (PNR) in its early years.

To date, Alfredo de el Mazo has not filed his declaration of assets according to the so-called law of three (3D3), so transparency is apparently not strong and the amount of his fortune is unknown.


Delfina Gomez, Morena candidate for Governor, is already within the battle of June 4 because according to the latest polls, is in "stalemate, namely less than three points of Alfredo de el Mazo, in voter preferences.

Last Friday was also confirmed as a candidate of unity of the party brunette, after a loose process of "pre-campaigns" where he was adding alliances and sympathies, but also accusations before the Electoral Institute of the State of Mexico and the INE, for violations of the rules of propaganda, to lavishly spread spots accompanied of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), who has become in only 40 days in a kind of "running mate".

This year the Dauphine teacher will be 55 years of age, single and although it has not had children, contributed to the education of thousands of children as a teacher at the front of the class and the school principal "Nezahualcóyotl", the largest of Texcoco, in a teaching career that already meets 30 years almost.

Treatment simple, open and very cordial, the teacher gave the surprise in 2012, when invited by Higinio Martínez, swept municipal elections in Texcoco (Morena, backed by a coalition between MC and PT), to accumulate 36 thousand 892 votes and 73% of the total vote. Behind was the PRI with the 24.91% of the vote and only 26 thousand votes. Since the town hall floor that year, it became clear that his Administration would mark differences. Immediately dropped the salary and all the Council, considering that it was excessive to aldermen will win more than 100 thousand pesos while the bulk of the population was of low income. His reforms and style began to bother to a political class that is used to excess, so it immediately became "uncomfortable Mayor" Government of Eruviel Avila.

When in 2014 promoted a concert massive for them young, the Hell & Haven, in your jurisdiction and before the success and sympathy that woke up between the youth, Avila Villegas is rushed to cancel it and was punto of imprison it, enraged because it "maestrita", as you have called in the PRI, is dared to exercise the autonomy municipal, something unusual in them Governments state.

In them elections Federal of the 2015 returned to give the surprise to the win them elections for the district 38 of the 58 legislature Federal, by what in January of this year presented its license to the charge for boot the pre-campaign to the governorship.

She is of them few applicants and members federal general-today with license-, that has presented its statement patrimonial 3D3. His fortune can be summed up in income not exceeding the 50 thousand pesos a month, two cars tsuru, a House that is paying and ground added, in addition to a lot of jewelry that was made in payments when she was a teacher and whose value does not exceed 100 pesos.


Professional policy of high-level pan that has come from the best positions and who today heads, along with Delfina Gomez, voter preferences for the elections of June 4 in the State of Mexico.

Mother of three daughters and a native of Puebla, Vazquez Mota is 56 years old and is an economist by profession, also of modest origin, with large family, because her parents Arnulfo Vázquez Cano and Josefina Mota procreated six children.

During the Presidency of Vicente Fox, she was appointed as Secretary of Social development, so it came many welfare programs that remain to this day; While during the Government of Felipe Calderón, was Secretary of public education, so that its proximity to the then-leader of the SNTE, Elba Esther Gordillo, was the scene of all kinds of speculation, in a plot that media catalogued love-hate, because although the differences were continuous with the now defenestrada leader, Vazquez Mota managed to remove the Alianza por la Calidad de la Educación history of the programs to modernize the sector.

The Pan has also been Deputy federal on two occasions and in 2012 contended for the Presidency of the Republic against Enrique Peña Nieto of the PRI, becoming the first pan candidate seeking that office.

His appointment, now, as candidate of the PAN to the governorship mexiquense, is result of moorings and agreements and a long negotiation between the leadership national that leads Ricardo Anaya and the more influential Pan mexiquense. Although already is saw come your appointment, the bread mexiquense is launched to a process of selection belatedly in that are enrolled from successful until dying projects political. In just one week, the list of candidates Pan who sought the nomination grew as the water: the former mayors of Toluca Juan Rodolfo Sánchez Gómez and Juan Carlos Nunez Armas; Jose Luis Duran Reveles, former Mayor of Naucalpan and the Senator Laura Rojas, identified with the so-called "Bravo Boys".

Coupled with the list was Úlises Ramírez, who last November was the first to "autodestaparse" in the Teatro Morelos with cry of "If I", then for expropriation by the irruption of Vazquez Mota, although officially it was never subscribed to the internal process: political slit and the negotiation of the former Mayor of Tlalnepantla, is theirs.

But Vazquez Mota will go to a contest in which now questions its transparency. Recently is gave to know that Josefina would have received 900 million of pesos of the Government of Enrique penalty for your organization "together we can" of so-called support migrant. The distribution of the so-called support is unknown until now.

JUAN ZEPEDA Juan Zepeda, the successful former Mayor of Nezahualcóyotl, which came to power after confronting the Government of Eruviel Avila in 2012, could lead the PRD-PT Alliance in the elections of June 4 or go it alone as a PRD formula, that is a fact.

The applicant who has become the "Apple of discord", literally, heads electoral preferences in the PRD structures, however does not have it easy, since the selection process of candidate in which he excels, has become a real battle pitched one day Yes and another is also threatening to overflow.

Main objective of the "friendly fire", has been accused of violating pre-campaign expenses fixed by the IEEM bumpers, settlement of spectacular edomex (more than 900); violating the rules of propaganda and distribute watches in the East of the State.

The accusations have come you from all sides, but especially from the sides at the top of his own comrades in struggle: the also Deputy Javier Salinas Narvaez; the Mayor licensed Capulhuac, Eduardo Neri; Max Correa, who went on the run to Morena weekend and Placido Lopez, whom nobody knows.

Hernandez Zepeda is a member local licensed of the 59 Local legislature, which served as coordinator of their caucus. In 2012, gave it great surprise to the win the elections by a small difference, respect to the PRI, which it confronted directly with the Government eruvielista.

On that occasion they received 192 thousand 903 votes, i.e. the 37.17% of the vote, against 191 thousand 286 votes of the PRI (36.86%), with a difference of just 17 thousand 139 votes which was maintained despite the violation of electoral packages and other irregularities that an efficient team of election lawyers, headed by Javier Rivera, managed to prove and contain.

It is identified with current DNA of the perredismo State of Mexico.

Is licensed in law, graduated of the UNAM and licensed in administration public by the University of the Valley of Mexico, in addition to count with a graduate. Has been accused also of agreed with the Government of Eruviel Avila, as was one of them more strong opponents to comply a great Alliance PAN-PRD, what had guaranteed it alternation final of the power in the State of Mexico, where the PRI already arrived almost to them 90 years of Governments uninterrupted.

Its role in the Local legislature has also been questioned, as it was one of those who voted in favor of the so-called law Atenco of Eruviel Avila, today in study in the Supreme Court of Justice of the nation, leading to its fraction to a strong social questioning in State of Mexico.

Zepeda has aroused such a level of anger, the general Ministry of the PRD in the State of Mexico, Ana Yuritzi Leyva Piñon, came fully to accusations against her and ended up temporarily waive the charge, accusing the entire structure of which it forms part of "loaded dice" in favour of the exedil nezahualcoyense.

However between their achievements more important are the have made an efficient paper as Mayor of Nezahualcoyotl, containing them levels of insecurity that kept prostrate it commune and down dramatically them debts that argued chronically the municipality by water and light, all time that also contained the growth of the payroll and put brake to them income of the cabildo, giving steps to the transparency and accountability of accounts.


It has the highest academic profile of all the contenders within and outside of the PRD.

It was the first PRD in register to the internal strife by the Sol Azteca, the second to lead the electoral preferences within the structures of PRD, according to surveys, internal to that accessed the Chair rattan.

The native of the town of Ocoyoacac, serves currently as the Vice-Coordinator of the caucus of his party in the LIX legislature and belongs to the power of the new left (NI), which continuously confronts him with Juan Zepeda, even in legislative work.

He studied a degree in law at the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) and the master in economics and Government, Anahuac University, where he studied his doctorate in public administration.

Among his career political highlights their participation as Alderman in their municipality of origin. Began its activities legislative as coordinator of advisors of the Group parliamentary of the PRD during the LII legislature of the State of Mexico, subsequently was appointed, by first time, as Congressman local during the LIII mexiquense. Immediately jumped to occupy a seat in the LIX legislature Federal. During his current tenure as a Congressman, Salinas Narvaez has driven initiatives like the passage of equal marriage in the State of Mexico, in addition to being the only member to show against the appointment of the new General Prosecutor of Justice, Alejandro Jaime Gómez Sánchez, and vote against the law which regulates the use of public force, also known as "Bill Atenco" medially.

In the middle of his first year in office, he was deposed by his counterpart, Juan Zepeda Hernández, Vice-Coordinator of the Caucus, Chairman of the Finance Committee and Secretary of the Interior. Faced with this situation, Salinas promoted before the Executive National Committee (CEN) the dismissal of Omar Ortega, ruling State of the PRD, and Juan Zepeda as parliamentary Coordinator, respectively, by the neglect of their duties and for, allegedly, "making a pact with the PRI-Government". The reason for Fund, explained, it is "have not joined agreements bringing national democratic alternative (DNA) with the Government in power". On several occasions was open to an electoral alliance with the PAN, arguing that together could give solid foundations to defeat the PRI in 2018, as well as their "lofty political caste". On January 16, at the time of deliver their documentation for his candidacy, was accompanied by the Secretary general of CEN, Beatriz Mojica Morga; the election Secretary of CEN, Octavio Martínez Vargas; the Congressman, Ottaviano Tomás; the President city of Valley of Chalco, Ramon Montalvo, as well as various public local and federal.


At the beginning of January this year, Isidro Pastor was launched to conquer what was apparently his dream more precious, originally of Atlacomulco, but without political rank surname, announced that he would seek the independent candidate to contest June 4, in a second attempt after in 2005, contended in the internal process of the PRI, to seek the nomination and who was later cast for accusing "loaded data" in favor of Enrique Peña.

A year earlier, in 2004 Isidro Pastor raised the dead from the State of Mexico called PRI, when (he and only he) created the famous "red tide" to contrast it to the "blue wave" of bread--lunar effect of the phenomenon Vicente Fox-, then still clear the PRI state leader Also was Isidro who put fashion using Red jackets in the Mexican tricolor and other measures and applications (such as courses that are still taught to leaders and elected officials that arise from its ranks), prevailing up to our days.

Only a week before announcing his candidacy, he resigned from Secretary mobility reached at the direct invitation of Eruviel Avila, but no military in the PRI. Nobody forget but not forgive in the PRI, acts of insubordination.

As candidate is of the few applicants who have opened their personal files even being still public officer, in such a way that in October 2016, when he made his statement three of three, reported annual income of 2 ' 175, 000 210 pesos.

He also claimed to be 7 land owner, a local and two houses, all worth 8 million 550 thousand pesos; In addition to six bank accounts by about 2 million pesos and a car of 436 pesos.

In his declaration of interests, Pastor Medrano indicates ownership of two companies: Daren SC, real estate and the signature "Isidro Pastor y Asociados", dedicated to the consultancy, however in his asset declaration, the first, does not declare income by business or commercial activities.


Businesswoman Teresa Castell was until a few weeks, President of the Mexican Association of women entrepreneurs in the State of Mexico (AMMJE) from 2014 to 2016. Currently is Director national of entrepreneurs, Member of the Council Coordinator business (CCE), of the Association Mexican of franchises, of group Salinas and national financial (Nafin).

Born on April 27, 1969 in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Castell de Oro describes himself as "citizen, entrepreneur, mother, spouse and daughter".

In his registration as candidate for an independent candidate for Governor, he has declared to be "tired of the bad results of the current political class" and says that with her as Governor "things" would be different in the State of Mexico State.

For some voices their links with the PRI are clear, what she has denied consistently, however as leader of the AMMJE, had a closeness unique with the Government federal that heads Enrique Peña and with the own Eruviel Avila, with who is ensures, have affinities political that it connect with the tricolor, however she holds be "nonpartisan".


Is the fourth occasion that Martian seeks to get to a cargo of choice popular without belonging to any party political. The first was in 2011, when he wanted to run as a candidate for Governor in the State; the second took place in 2012, wanting to be President of Mexico; and the third, in 2015, when vacuuming as an independent to the municipal Presidency of Nezahualcoyotl.

In 2011 and 2012, it appealed to the right laid down in the Constitution of the country, vote and be voted, although both the IEEM and INE rejected their request by not registering in the times laid down in the Electoral Code, while in 2015, IEEM demanded 25 thousand signatures to be an independent candidate, which could not join in the time established by law.

Originally from Nezahualcóyotl, Trinidad Ramirez, who is nicknamed as "Max", is a former activist of the party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) in that area of the State; Today, he serves as founder and national President of the civil association, Mexican United States citizens candidates. According to their social networks, on 16 December 2015 honorary doctorate was awarded by analytical University constructivist of Mexico (UNAC), located in Ecatepec, meanwhile, the first of July, 2016, the Masonic "Grand Lodge of the State of Mexico" Association, I offer you the same recognition for his work "for democracy".


Guillermo Ortiz Solalinda, though few remember it now, was an important health Secretary during the Government of Arturo Montiel Rojas. I had to deal with short-term issues as a State health system strengthening, in fact he was one of those who laid its foundations. During 2005, was representative of the candidate and businessman Carlos Hank Rhon and virtually he was expelled from the National Council of the PRI without even an excuse.

Some others as Erasto Armando Alemán, representative of pharmacies the Phoenix, made even business with the Government of the State of Mexico in the current administration; while others of lesser fame have links with the PRI, as Gerardo Mojica and Andres Cantica.

Should be noted that each one of them aspiring that are approved shall meet 360 thousand signatures and prove it before the Institute Electoral. There are 180 requirements imposed by both the electoral code as the body and that they should cover.


By: Tere Montaño


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