The Observer verifies and grades the words and declarations of figures who have a place in any government´s area and whose speeches –as well as their facts- might have an impact on the citizens’ welfare or their interests.
Through our labor we want to contribute to the citizen’s empowering by means of investigation, transparency and public speech’s verification, as well as contributing to elevate the reliability of that discourse, so the lie, deceive or official tricks stop being an unpunished practice in the everyday.
The Observer adopted the bilingual format due to the current situation that Mexico is facing due to the migration policies applied by the US, but and over all, for being the “epicenter” of the big changes that are being gestated in the country and the center of the severe problems of corruption that Mexico is going through… and because we want the world to know it.


“The Observer is the first regional bilingual project specialized in investigation journalism and public speech’s verification or “fact-checking” as well, as part of a big effort to contribute to improve the quality of the public debate, transparency and reporting back in the State of Mexico. We are part of a new international media generation which has jumped on the stage as a result of a citizen demand that observes, watch and calls for honesty, professionalism and veracity to the governments, authorities, business men, politicians and the rest of public figures and influential people. That is why the “fact-checking” is part of the most recent tools that has been adopted by the investigation journalism to measure the level of transparency and truthfulness of the public speech.
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