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June 24, 2020
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Ecatepec Government disperses 8 parties this weekend; Public servants were attacked

A pulquería and a “piquera” were suspended for selling alcoholic beverages during the health emergency


Ecatepec Government disperses 8 parties this weekend; Public servants were attacked

June 17th, 2020

A group of approximately 70 people, who were holding a party in the courtyard of a residence in the La Guadalupana subdivision, attacked Ecatepec municipal government personnel to prevent the alleged birthday celebration from being suspended.

This weekend, authorities from Ecatepec dispersed eight parties in which sanitary prevention protocols were not respected and suspended a pulquería (Bar) and an irregular establishment that sold alcoholic beverages, during operations to reduce the number of coronavirus infections in the municipality.

Despite the fact that the State of Mexico continues at Red Light for the health emergency, some sectors of society insist on not abiding by the recommendations issued by the federal state, and municipal governments, which increases the risk of spreading COVID-19.

On Saturday night, participants in a birthday celebration, which gathered about 70 people in the courtyard of a residence in the La Guadalupana subdivision, attacked Ecatepec government personnel who tried to suspend the event.

After the person in charge of the Normativity area of ​​the Directorate of Civil Protection of Ecatepec notified the party responsible for the restrictions to gather groups of people in places closed by the COVID-19 health contingency that is experienced worldwide, the Party-goers and some neighbors lashed out at public officials.

The intervention of municipal police was necessary to contain the fight and prevent the meeting from taking place. However, the guests and a group of neighbors confronted the authorities to later barricade themselves in the home.

The balance of the confrontation was at least 10 public servants with light blows and two people presented to the Qualifying Officer of the Americas for alterations to public order.

Two other parties were suspended on Saturday night in the Granjas Valle de Guadalupe neighborhood and two more in Los Héroes Ecatepec Segunda and Quinta sections, as well as an irregular establishment in the Lázaro Cárdenas neighborhood where they sold alcoholic beverages.

On Friday, in the region known as the Fifth Zone, municipal staff dispersed two parties that were held just three streets away in the Fuentes de Aragón neighborhood, in which there were more than 70 people together.

In the first point, a residence was located in Valle de Los Toltecas street, where about 50 young people enjoyed a meeting enlivened with loud music and alcoholic drinks, who, noticing the presence of the authorities, tried to place black bags on the fence that divided the domicile with the public highway and verbally repelled the indications of the authorities. However, after repeatedly calling for dialogue, attendees agreed to withdraw.

Three streets away, in the same community, a group of young people held another meeting. At first, the members of the operation noticed only five attendees; after insistently requesting the eviction, around 15 people left the place who was hiding inside one of the apartments.

One more party was suspended in the Joyas de Ecatepec neighborhood, where about 20 people drank alcoholic beverages. At this point, a person was arrested, apparently the organizer, for disturbing public order, who showed a violent attitude against the municipal police, while the rest of those present withdrew without major inconvenience.

During the tour, the local authorities also detected an establishment with a business name El Pulcacho, dedicated to selling pulque in different presentations, a drink considered to be an alcoholic, so it was necessary to place suspension stamps on the site.

With the continuation of the red traffic light due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the mayor Fernando Vilchis Contreras strengthened the operations against the sale of alcoholic beverages and crowds at parties and meetings to prevent the spread of coronavirus infections in the entity.


Translator: Martín Caballero

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