The 18 thousand deaths from COVID-19 in Mexico were exceeded
June 18, 2020
1st release of restrictions is announced
June 24, 2020

Women are discriminated even in death, there is underreporting of femicides

In 2015, 6.6 women were murdered in Mexico; in 2020, the fatal rate is 10.8 murders of women every 24 hours


Women are discriminated even in death, there is underreporting of femicides

June 16th, 2020

Luz María Estrada, the representative of the National Observatory of Feminicide, assured that discrimination against Mexican women and the violence they face occurs even in death when Public Prosecutors and even governors refuse to keep an appropriate statistics on cases, without count that in addition to this political management, there is an “under-registration” of femicides and intentional homicides of women, the other pandemic made invisible in Mexico.

By participating in a virtual forum organized by the Oaxaca Consortium, to address the other femicidal pandemic experienced in Mexico, parallel to that of COVID-19, Estrada revealed that there is a sustained escalation of the figures of femicides in the country since while In 2015, an average of 6.6 murders of women were registered in Mexico every 24 hours, 2019 closed with the average of 10.5 daily murders of women or girls. She also referred that in 2018 2,580 murders of women in Mexico were reported, which represents 9.9 homicides a day in this sector; since the number of women murdered in 2019 was 3,824 and so far this year, the official figures have totaled 1,297 murders of women, with a daily average - now - of 10.8 murders of women every 24 hours.

She said that it is another pandemic in Mexico, but this is invisible and growing. He assured that it is a phenomenon that keeps the country on "high alert" and that despite its pandemic levels, femicides are not being addressed nor the instruments created for 30 years, are giving results, including the Alerts for Violence of Gender, already established in more than 20 states of the Republic.


Translator: Martín Caballero

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