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June 8, 2020
The Prosecutor’s Office (FGJEM) and CONMEX are accused of fabricating crimes against Kenya Hernández
June 12, 2020

Alternative Amnesty Law Initiative Presented for Edomex

Seeks to find the “false culprits” that fill the Edomex prisons


Alternative Amnesty Law Initiative Presented for Edomex

June 9th, 2020

The lawyer and activist Humbertus Pérez Espinoza presented a citizen initiative before the 60 Local Legislature, for the draft Amnesty Law of the State of Mexico that was discussed shortly, incorporating the miles of men and women who have been imprisoned on false charges and prefabricated investigation folders from the Public Prosecutions and with the support of security elements, also corrupted.

The initiative of Pérez Espinoza, who was a political prisoner and lived through the fabrication of charges but in his case as "political revenge" during the government of Eruviel Avila Villegas, was presented to the Permanent Deputation.

However, the initiative by Pérez Espinoza makes a brutal diagnosis of the corruption that has been installed in the justice and public security systems, as well as the deviations and breaches that they have presented since the reform for the new Accusatory Criminal Justice System. The lawyer's proposal recalls that the various mechanisms, projects, norms, and collateral procedures that were surgical after the reform was published, ended by those not authorized in the Mexican entity. So that in the end the implementation of the new criminal justice system was truncated or incomplete, to give what ended up being instituted as a parallel system: the systematic fabrication of guilty parties, which has ended up leaving in jail miles of innocent Mexicans, most arbitrarily detained and under the creation of lack of evidence against them, invoices from the public ministries themselves and with the help of corrupt police elements.

He also remembers that billions of pesos, about 6,500 million approximately, which should have been applied in the preparation of policies, control mechanisms, and the formation of various institutions, ended up being embezzled.

"The State of Mexico is the entity that obtained the most resources from the FASP ... Resources misappropriated and diverted for electoral political fines, the conclusion - is that - people deprived of their liberty, miles of women and men are taken to prison for crimes that they did not commit, like qualified homicide, kidnapping, criticism, extortion, organized crime, human trafficking, femicides and various robberies with the modification of violence, ”he points out in his justification.

He also highlights, from his own experience as a political prisoner, with unfairly imputed charges and since he learned about the deviant system, from within, the way in which arbitrary arrests are made and false evidence is sown. Something common today, but that legislators are not determined in the amnesty projects that are presented twice, both for Morena and the PRD.


Translator: Martín Caballero

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