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Measures taken by the Ecatepec government reduce COVID-19 infections by 20%

Registered between 60-65 new cases daily, and now they add between 45 and 49 a day


Measures taken by the Ecatepec government reduce COVID-19 infections by 20%

June 3rd, 2020

The various actions taken by Ecatepec authorities, in coordination with other government agencies, managed to stop COVID-19 infections in the municipality, where in the past days there were between 60 and 65 new cases daily, and currently between 45 and 49 cases a day.

"We are walking," said Mayor Fernando Vilchis Contreras upon learning the figures of the Ecatepec Sanitary Jurisdiction regarding the COVID-19 health emergency, issued during the third extraordinary session of the Municipal Council of Civil Protection, where municipal authorities and state.

"The truth is that the municipal government today is showing that we are up to the standards of any municipality in the State of Mexico and the country," said Vilchis Contreras.

Isaac Languren Galicia, head of the Sanitary Jurisdiction of Ecatepec, of the Institute of Health of the State of Mexico (ISEM), assured that the figures establish a discreet decrease in the cases of people infected in the municipality, although to avoid outbreaks, one should not “ let your guard down ”and continue the recommended sanitary measures.

"Although the number of cases in the last days decreased, we were having an average of 60, 65 cases a day and we are decreasing to 45, 49 cases the last days," he reiterated.

He added: “We are beginning to see the effects of the measures taken at the state and municipal levels. But a regrowth is a very complex and very delicate situation ”.

He said that according to state government figures until May 31, Ecatepec registered 1,770 confirmed cases and 181 people died from Covid-19, which affected 58% of men and 42% of women, and it occurred more frequently in the group of 25 to 40 years of age; high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity "are three diseases found in patients who acquire this disease."


Translator: Martín Caballero

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