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In the IEEM program is exhibited “Risks of the pandemic COVID-19 on democracy in Latin America”

The President Councilor of the IEEM, Pedro Zamudio Godínez, and the Executive Director of Transparency Electoral, Leandro Querido, participated, who agreed that technology must be an ally in elections to adapt to the new reality


In the IEEM program is exhibited "Risks of the pandemic COVID-19 on democracy in Latin America"

June 3rd, 2020

The current situation in Mexico and the world caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on daily life and therefore on electoral processes, so it is important to adapt to the new scenario and update schemes that contribute to continuing strengthening the democracy, agreed with the President Counselor of the Electoral Institute of the State of Mexico, Pedro Zamudio Godínez and the Executive Director of Transparency Electoral, Leandro Querido.

By participating in the Institute's program in a virtual way, Behind your vote, broadcast on YouTube and on itv.ieem.org.mx, to speak on the topic “Risks of the Covid-19 pandemic on democracy in Latin America”, Both participants stressed that they see as an opportunity the fact that certain aspects have to be changed to carry out an electoral process, such as avoiding crowds at the polls and even the parties will have to adjust the way of campaigning, to not harm the integrity and health of people.

Interviewed by Tere Montaño, a journalist for The Observer, Leandro Querido commented that more than 50 elections in the world have had to be postponed, so there is much concern that the health crisis gives rise to other crises that may be political or constitutional Hence, foundations such as that of Kofi Annan produced a study and research document that analyzes whether democracies are at stake and, in part, the answer could be said yes, because in Latin America, this tends to be weak and some actors often limit electoral competitiveness.

For this reason, he added that: "It is a great challenge to maintain democratic forms, although in Latin America they were playing an important role, the democratic institutions of the region had been suffering, now in this new scenario we must avoid a setback".

In this sense, and according to Pedro Zamudio Godínez, this special circumstance through which he lives, has shown that the societies that have best overcome this confinement are where there is an active citizenry that trusts its authorities, which provide verifiable information and there is an interaction between society and government that allows it to be processed in a better way even beyond ideologies.

"And is that democracy and citizen participation are essential, so we must demonstrate in the coming months that they are essential for the development of societies, as well as strengthening the institutional framework in Latin America, which, as already mentioned is very fragile, hence it must also be borne in mind that democratic processes are in a new stage ”, explained Zamudio Godínez during his speech.

In this sense, he assured that regarding the IEEM, it has had to adapt to the new circumstances with the electronic means and to rethink the way how to do things, but the work continues.

In turn, both participants assured that it is important to make changes in the “electoral manualism”, which refers to the fact that there are many hands that physically intervene to carry out the electoral processes, so options must be taken into account supported by technology, that is effective and an ally of the elections.

They also recognized that it is a good time to review the possibility of adjusting the legislation on the matter, make it more agile with the idea of ​​relating to the electorate, and of satisfying the demand, so it is necessary to act according to the reality that is lives.

This program and all of the Behind your vote series can be viewed on YouTube with the official IEEM user.


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Translator: Martín Caballero

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