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Insecurity increases in Edomex during March

April 21th, 2020

So far this year, crimes of common jurisdiction in the State of Mexico have experienced a constant increase, according to data from the Executive Secretariat of the National System of Public Security (SESNSP). Following the national trend, the Mexican entity registered 29,960 crimes of common jurisdiction. Compared to March, but from 2019, where 29,759 were registered, it means an increase of 0.67%. During this year, from February to March, the increase was 0.48%, since on February 29 thousand 816 incidents were registered.

Virtually all common law crimes increased from February to March this year. During the past month 5 thousand 949 incidents in crimes against life and bodily integrity. From February, where 5,247 were registered, to March, with its 5,949 incidents, there was an increase of 13.37%. In addition, it is an increase of 29.15% over January, also this year.

The only crimes that decreased from February to March this year were femicides. After a dramatic increase of five cases from January 16 to February, in March it had a slight decrease to 13 cases. Of these, one was perpetrated with a knife, and twelve with another element. Offenses against personal freedom decreased as well. From 279 cases in February, they experienced a decrease to 249 in March this year, from 12.04%. Kidnappings decreased from 13 cases in February to 11 in March.

On the other hand, sexual harassment reported a decrease of 15 to 10 cases from February to March. Simple rape, which had shot from 68 to 109 cases from January to February, decreased to 94 reports in March. Same case with comparable rape, which experienced a decrease from 82 to 54 cases in the last two months. Despite this, overall crimes against sexual freedom and security increased, from 559 cases in February to 570 in March, an increase of 1.96%.


Translator: Martín Caballero

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