“State of Emergency” in Mexico by COVID19
March 31, 2020
Social support programs by COVID 19, are operated by the PRI
March 31, 2020

Edomex hospitals with deficiencies face COVID19

Doctors and nurses lack material to care for patients in the face of the pandemic: Health Commission


Edomex hospitals with deficiencies face COVID19

March 30th, 2020

While medical personnel from Toluca, Atizapán and Neza carried out sit-ins to demand drugs and materials to deal with the COVID29 pandemic, legislators demanded that Governor Alfredo del Mazo address the lack of supplies before contagions collapsed the health system.

Members of the Health and Assistance Commission of the 60th Local Legislature indicated that reports have been collected from hospitals and health centers from various points of the entity, with shortages or insufficiencies in these products to address the pandemic.

Berenice Medrano Rosas, president of the commission, said that she has received at least 14 complaints from legislators, related to concerns of hospital staff and patients due to the lack of protection materials and medications.

"Doctors and nurses must have all the protective measures and equipment so as not to get infected, how are they going to provide adequate care if they do not have the necessary supplies in the first instance," said the Morena deputy.

Complaints are that suspected coronavirus cases have been rejected in many hospitals, and it is unclear where they can go.

She said that the Health Commission will be aware of the demands in the hospitals and will seek approaches with the ISEM to have timely information on the application of the budget to face the pandemic in the entity.


Translator: Martín Caballero

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