February 17, 2020
Torture in Mexico: widespread and systematic practice among authorities
February 18, 2020

They send 500 motorcycles to the pound in Ecatepec for not carrying license plates

The measure seeks to inhibit people from using these vehicles to commit crimes and flee


They send 500 motorcycles to the pound in Ecatepec for not carrying license plates

February 18th, 2019

One in five motorcycles and scooters checked during operation Safety on wheels lacks license plates, so irregular vehicles are sent to the pound.

On the instructions of Mayor Fernando Vilchis Contreras, the aforementioned operation on main roads of Ecatepec is implemented, with the aim of inhibiting the commission of crimes by people traveling on motorcycles and scooters, although it also seeks that drivers comply with the corresponding regulations, especially Have a helmet and license.

The Operation "Security on wheels" sent on January 23 and until February 17. The municipal Traffic Police reviewed two thousand 395 vehicles, of which 500 were sent to the depot because we take care of circulation plates; that is, 20.87% circulated irregularly. During that period, 1,485 infractions were applied, mainly for not wearing a helmet and lacking a driver's license, which represents 62.0% of the vehicles reviewed. Only one driver was referred to the Public Ministry, along with the unit that had a theft report.

Vilchis Contreras reported that Safety On Wheels is part of phase 2 in public safety matters implemented by the municipal government. The operation consists of installing revision filters in the main roads of Ecatepec, with the participation of the Transit policies and with the support of Public Safety.


Translator: Martín Caballero

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