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January 24, 2020
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The increases in transport rates in Ecatepec to popular consultation

The results will be delivered to the government and the Legislature of the State of Mexico, Mayor Fernando Vilchis anticipated


The increases in transport rates in Ecatepec to popular consultation

January 23th, 2019

The municipal government will hold a popular mega consultation on the increase in public transport rates since more than 70% of the inhabitants of Ecatepec use this means of transport and their economy will be negatively impacted; After the exercise, an official position will be set and the results will be delivered to state authorities.

Mayor Fernando Vilchis Contreras informed that it will be the first popular consultation conducted by his administration and soon there will be others on issues that affect the inhabitants of Ecatepec since the Municipal Side establishes the use of the said figure.

He added that the citizens of Ecatepec will express whether or not they agree with the increase in the rate of public transport authorized by the Mexican government, which is currently 10 pesos per route of the first 5 kilometers and from next February 1 will pass to 12 pesos, which represents an increase of 20%.


Translator: Martín Caballero

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