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December 17, 2019
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January 8, 2020


Within the program Behind your vote there was the participation of public electoral officials, representatives of political parties and academics and researchers, who talked about the most relevant activities carried out during the year to build citizenship



December 18th, 2019

For 23 years, the Electoral Institute of the State of Mexico (IEEM) organizes, develops and monitors electoral processes through communication strategies that allow Mexicans to be informed about their electoral political rights, an example of this is the program Behind Your Vote, where, in the voice of public electoral officials, representatives of political parties, as well as academics and researchers, the development of democratic life in the Mexican entity is contributed.

So, during the “Special Program IEEM 2019”, a recount was made about the most important activities that were carried out throughout the year such as the procedure for the destruction of disused electoral material, which Víctor Hugo says Cíntora Vilchis, head of the Organization Directorate, tried to recycle paper derived from the Election of Deputies to the Legislature and members of the City Councils 2017-2018, for which bond paper was received.

Also, the Director of Citizen Participation of the electoral body, Liliana Martínez Garnica explained that as part of the different strategies developed by the IEEM, conferences, talks, informational stands, guided tours, civic school days were held, as well as the development of the 7th Theater Show on Democratic Values, the First Public Speaking Contest, and the 10th Race for Democracy.

While José Rivera Flores, Deputy Chief of Development, Evaluation, and Care for the National Electoral Professional Service, spoke about the Temporary Binding Commission with Organs

Deconcentrated, which assisted the General Council of the IEEM in monitoring the performance of the District and Municipal Boards and Councils.

In addition, it was attended by Fabiola Flores González and Margarita Vargas Gómez, public-electoral servants of the Directorate of Political Parties, who mentioned that the IEEM guarantees citizens the right of association, through which they can constitute a political party local, and that of being voted through the independent candidacy.

Reference was also made to the “XXII Political Research and Essay Contest and 9th Book Fair in Electoral Matters,” commented by Igor Vivero Ávila, Head of the Electoral Training and Documentation Center (CFDE).

Likewise, the participation of the representatives of the different political parties was mentioned with the series entitled “Ethics and political parties”, as well as the intervention of Laura Inés López Padilla, President in Network of Support to Municipal Women AC, when speaking about the Effective participation of women in politics.

In turn, Daniel Gutiérrez Martínez, Researcher at El Colegio Mexiquense, who commented on the mother tongues; Rocío Álvarez Miranda, Institutional Coordinator of Gender Equity of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, who addressed the issue of new masculinities and, the Researcher of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Emanuel Rodríguez Domínguez, with the theme of political participation Election of the LGBTI community.

Thus, Behind your vote for 2020 will continue with the specialized political-electoral programs and those related to the political-democratic culture through the page www.ieem.org.mx and YouTube with the Official IEEM account.


“You make the best choice”

Social Communication Unit


Translator: Martín Caballero


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