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January 8, 2020
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January 13, 2020


Details on how to publish the texts can be consulted in the respective calls of one of the editorial collections, via social networks Facebook: Official IEEM, Twitter: @IEEM_MX and at www.ieem.org.mx.



January 8th, 2019

The editorial lines of the Electoral Institute of the State of Mexico are part of a consolidated space of publications specialized in political-electoral issues, which are available to researchers, academics and people interested in applying and publishing articles, theses and essays of Original research, whose editorial specifications are available on the website www.ieem.org.mx, said Igor Vivero Ávila, Head of the Electoral Training and Documentation Center.

Interviewed by Katia Fuentes in the program Behind your vote, he stressed that, you can also know the details on how to publish the texts in the respective calls that appear on social networks Facebook: Official IEEM, Twitter: @IEEM_MX and Instagram IEEM_MX, now It is the reference to the magazine Apuntes Electoral or one of the editorial collections.

Vivero Ávila when speaking about “Calls to publish in the IEEM 2020 collections”, commented that a year three calls are issued that are not limiting, that is, for the Magazine, for example, the closing date is February 21, while for the different lines it is March 30, however, if a letter arrives after the delivery date, it is evaluated and ruled out for possible integration into the editorial production.

He explained that you can participate with some text in the Journal of Elections Magazine, the Series of Inclusive Electoral Policy, Breviaries of Democratic Political Culture, Legal and Political-Electoral Investigations, Citizen Training Notebooks and in the Election Gazette of the State of Mexico.

The Head of the CFDE indicated that each editorial line has its own style, as is the case of the Citizen Training Notebook Series, they are short texts of dissemination, with simple language, it is an approach to electoral work, in search of creating a link with institutions and society.

For its part, the Journal of Elections Magazine, he added, of which two issues are published per year, original articles and essays derived from scientific research are handled, as well as book reviews and is found within the international catalogs: Dialnet, Redib, DOAJ, Lantidex, Class and Biblat.

He added that the works are evaluated by an Editorial Committee composed of three Councilors and Electoral Councilors and six academics and academics, who review under the modality “double-blind academic peers”, considered one of the most effective mechanisms to guarantee the quality of the text.

In turn, he said that, in addition to being able to find them physically in the Library, all the texts, which have 10,086 titles in electoral political matters, can also be downloaded electronically through the institutional page.

Finally, he invited citizens to be attentive to upcoming calls to study a Postgraduate offered by the IEEM or, to participate in the Research and Political Essay Contest.

Behind your vote, it was transmitted by Uniradio 99.7 FM, as well as through the social network YouTube with the official IEEM user and through the page www.ieem.org.mx.

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Translator: Martín Caballero

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