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August 6, 2018
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In the State of Mexico, 21.03 % of teenagers experience violence

75% at school and 20% at home just for being a woman


In the State of Mexico, 21.03 % of teenagers experience violence

The Children’s and Young People’s Survey 2017, performed by the Electoral Institute of the State of Mexico (IEEM), revealed that on average 21.03 % of the respondents, more than 148,000, aged between 6 and 17 have suffered some type of violence. Out of the 21.03 %, 75.85 % face violence inside educational institutions and depending on age, women face at their own homes (a few more than 20 %), thereby constituting the second environment in which they experience violence, while men on the street.

The 21.60 % of the youngest respondents (6-9) claimed that they had been subjected to violence and the 78.40 % said that they hadn’t. The main area of violence involving these children is also the school.

According to the OCDE data, Mexico ranks first on bullying in basic education at the international level. In this context, to investigate the violence issue, questions about the existence of violence in their lives were made. The information obtained showed that 14,201 respondents within the 10 to 13 age group said that they had been subjected to violence, setting an opportunity to work towards eliminating violence in schools and in families.

Furthermore, 16.41% of females respondents and 26.79% of males respondents (10-13 age group) said being themselves victims of gender violence.

78.80 % of those who answered affirmatively, indicated to have suffered violence at the school, 13.29 % at home and 7.91 % in the street.

The Fund of the United Nations for the Infancy (UNICEF) indicates that, in Mexico, 62 % of the girls and children have suffered some type of violence in different moments of their life. The results of the consultation show that 16.41 % of the women and 26.79 % of the men surveyed, from ten to thirteen years old, also have suffered violence

The principal type of violence suffered by the surveyed ones is the physical one (71.30 %), for what it is necessary, indicates the report, to deal with the above-mentioned problematics. Also, 6.88 % said to have suffered psychological violence and 2.59 % sexual violence, furthermore 19.23 % of the surveyed children, in the second segment of age, said to have suffered verbal violence.

In the case of the segment of surveyed teenagers between 14 and 17 years old, 20.42 % (this is 12 thousand 532), said to have suffered some type of violence, 79.82 %, said they did not.

Continuing with this segment, 16.36 % (five thousand 304) of the teenagers, said to have experimented some type of violence due to their genre or for being women, and 24.98 % of the men (seven thousand 28), also answered affirmatively, meaning that they have been attacked for being men.

In this group of youngsters, 72.48 %, said to have suffered violence at school, 13.26 % at home and 14.26 % in the street.

According to the results of the consultation, the teenagers suffer more events of violence (of those who answered affirmatively), at school, with 66.52 % of the women and 76.85 % of the men who reported it, though the second area where the women suffer violence in an individual form, is their own homes, with a 20.72 %, against 7.79 % for men, for whom the second area of violence are the streets, with 15.36 %, according to the survey.

In this range of age, the results for violence, threw that 55.76 % of surveyed youngsters had suffered physical violence, 26.63 % verbal violence and 13.81 % psychological violence, while 4.80% has suffered sexual violence.

Other important information is that among the teenagers, from 14 to 17 years old, 36.16 % reported having consumed some type of drug, alcohol or cigar: this is 22 thousand 186 who answered affirmatively. The report considered the number to be "high" and estimated as necessary to implement strategies to attack it.

In this respect, for genre, 31.82 % of the women affirmed to have consumed at some time alcohol, drugs or cigars, and for the men, 41.01 % also did consume.

The report indicates that these results are coherent with the Survey of the State of Mexico overconsumption of these substances among teenagers, in which 18.5 % of women and 22 % of men have consumed some narcotic, indicates the report.

Likewise, 17.75 % of the surveyed ones (teenagers from 10 to 13 years old), reported to have consumed at some time drugs, alcohol or cigars, and 82.25 % indicated they did not.

Also, at least 51 % of the males have received some type of orientation for sexuality, principally in the schools, whereas the women a few less than 50 %.

94.5 % reported to have conversations with their parents, and 5.5 % said they did not.

The infantile and juvenile consultation of 2017 had the participation of 148 thousand teenagers from 10 to 17 years old. The most participative segment was the one with teenager from 10 to 13 years old, with 44.33 %. There were detected 628 participants who are not present at the school, that means 16.76 % of the surveyed ones.

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